• 1890s - 1950s

    The origins of the Lette group firm date back to 1898 with the creation of Duranleau & Monty in Montréal, Canada. Both founding partners achieved great success and prominence both in the legal and political fields.

  • 1950s

    Raymond Lette, an ambitious young lawyer from Paris, moves to Canada in 1951 and shortly thereafter joins this prestigious practice.

    Combining his knowledge of European laws, institutions, languages, and customs with the solid base offered by the firm he had joined, Raymond Lette begins to develop an international practice the likes of which was unheard of in Canada in those days.

    The firm begins representing both Canadian and foreign corporations, governments and individuals participating in the intensification of international relations in the decades that follow World War II.

    Raymond Lette’s prominence as an international legal expert is reflected in his close ties with the worlds of academia and diplomacy, to which he belonged as the honorary consul general of the Republic of San Marino.

  • 1960s - 1970s

    Raymond Lette rapidly works his way up and becomes senior partner in 1963. In the following years, different high-profile lawyers partner with the firm, which becomes increasingly known as Lette or Lette & Associés, a name that has become associated with the practice of international law.

    Eiffel Tower at Sunrise

    The group’s first European office is opened in PARIS. This expansion consolidates the firm’s now well-known reputation as a leader in international business relations and cross-border transactions.

    During this time, Raymond Lette is instrumental in acting as legal counsel and/or founding member of a number of cross-cultural institutions and business organizations, such as the Swiss-Canadian Chamber of Commerce, the Goethe Institute, the Canadian German Chamber of Industry and Commerce Inc., the French Chamber of Commerce.

  • 1980s - 1990s

    Bernard Lette

    In 1984, an office is opened in Toronto under the name Lette Whittaker in order to meet the increasing interest of foreign clients to do business in what has become the financial and industrial capital of Canada.

    Bernard Lette, son of Raymond Lette, takes on the position of managing partner.

    With the passing of Raymond Lette in 1995, Bernard Lette takes over the role of managing partner of the Montreal office in a seamless transition between generations, and under his direction the Toronto and Montreal firms continue their growth in international business law.

  • 2004

    Gunter Knorr Kerstin Anker

    In 2004, the group expands to Germany with the addition of Lette & Knorr in MUNICH, a joint-venture with the law firm Knorr Rechtsanwälte AG., allowing it to be closer to its clients in Germany and surrounding areas.

  • 2004

    Vienna, Austria 

    Lette & Knorr offers the added benefit of giving their clients access to lawyers trained in Austrian law, enabling the Group better serve our Austrian clients, both in Austria and in Canada.

    Lette & Knorr also offers the benefit of an additional office in ULM, Germany.

  • 2008

    ULM Minister Germany

    In 2008, a joint-venture is formed in PARIS with the firm Alérion under the name LETTE ALÉRION. Lawyers from both firms work closely together to serve clients with their French-Canadian legal needs, particularly in the field of cross-border transactions, international taxation and immigration.

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