Real Estate

Our real estate law group is comprised of an accomplished team of lawyers who possess a wide range of experience that enables them to provide an integrated approach to complex real estate transactions. We represent every type of real estate industry participant, including major international and domestic real estate investors (such as pension funds and investment funds), developers, lenders, landlords and tenants, logistics and warehouse providers, hotel owners and operators, real estate brokers and property management firms. We provide comprehensive legal advice at every stage of a real estate transaction, including advice regarding the structure of acquisition entities, tax issues, commercial lending, leasing, bankruptcy and insolvency, and environmental matters. The excellence of our real estate team has been recognized in major real estate industry publications.

Our comprehensive services include:

Commercial Leasing

  • advising landlords, tenants, developers, and other interested parties on structuring and documentation for all types of offers to lease, commercial leases, including ground leases, leases for office, retail and industrial premises, subleases, lease assignments, lease-backs, and build- to- suit contracts

Commercial Purchases and Sales

  • advising businesses on the purchase and sale of office, retail, industrial, hotel, recreational, and multi-use properties, and apartment buildings
  • advising on the selection of the investment vehicle and structure
  • negotiating and drafting purchase and sale agreements and related documents
  • conducting and analyzing due diligence matters, such as title and off-title searches, leases, and other property contracts and advising on environmental and engineering audits

Environmental Compliance

  • advising clients on environmental compliance and permit requirements arising from federal, provincial, and municipal laws

Land Use Planning and Subdivision

  • advising clients on municipal zoning and planning issues affecting permitted use and development of properties
  • representing clients in the context of disputed planning and development applications

Real Estate Financing

  • advising on acquisition, construction, development, and leasehold financing
  • negotiating and drafting loan and security documentation

Real Property Litigation

  • representing clients at all levels of courts and tribunals on all aspects of real property litigation, including mortgage remedies, landlord and tenant disputes, environmental contamination and remediation, enforcement of loan security, and bankruptcy and insolvency matters

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