Corporate Taxation

Tax issues are almost inevitably crucial to any transaction. Our tax lawyers can provide advice with respect to business transactions of any type. From complex global reorganizations to mergers and acquisitions, divestitures or other financial or commercial relationships, we will conceive and implement practical solutions with the degree of sophistication required by the circumstances.

Our corporate tax advisory services encompass among other things:

  • advising on profit-sharing arrangements
  • capitalization and financing strategies
  • corporate reorganizations and restructurings
  • the implementation of a proper tax strategy when purchasing or selling a business
  • the optimization of tax incentives surrounding R&D activities
  • the review of shareholder, partnership and joint-venture agreements

We believe that "cookie-cutter" solutions are often not the best alternative and that an in-depth understanding of the parties' circumstances and objectives will allow creative solutions to be found for a tax-optimized scenario.

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