Clean Technology

We represent companies engaged in the development, manufacture, construction and commercialization of a wide variety of technologies, products and services designed to reduce or eliminate environmental impacts and to promote the efficient and sustainable use of the earth's resources. Our clean technology clients include Canadian and foreign businesses in the following sectors:

  • Renewable Energy:  project developers, equipment manufacturers, EPC contractors, and service and equipment providers in the wind, solar and biomass energy sectors at all stages of their projects and in all aspects of their operations; landlords and owners on leases for rooftop solar and wind turbine facilities.
  • Waste Management and Treatment: owners and operators of waste and hazardous waste storage, recycling, treatment and disposal facilities, as well as equipment manufacturers and service providers to this sector.
  • Sustainable Construction and Energy Efficiency: developers, manufacturers and distributors of sustainable and energy-efficient materials, products and processes used in a wide variety of applications, from building construction and transportation systems to oil and gas, power generation and manufacturing facilities.

Whether you are an innovator at the early stage of developing a concept, a manufacturer seeking to commercialize your product, a developer planning a project or an operator running a facility, we offer a full range of legal services to address the unique issues facing your company in this dynamic and evolving sector. We provide advice on matters such as:

  • business structuring, including the creation of tax-efficient structures and accessing government incentives
  • technology licensing and technology transfer
  • creation of joint ventures and strategic alliances
  • intellectual property protection, registration and licensing
  • public/private partnerships, project development and financing
  • drafting and reviewing commercial agreements, such as equipment supply,  power purchase and product distribution agreements
  • dealing with regulatory challenges, acquiring permits, zoning real estate, acquiring and leasing real property, and completing environmental assessments.

Our multi-disciplinary team is also able to provide clients with guidance on most of the issues they may encounter in their day-to-day business operations, including advice on employment matters, mergers and acquisitions, and litigation.

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